Disaster Relief Solutions

Millions of dollars of donated goods from caring people spanning the globe made their way to Texas as Hurricane Harvey decimated Houston and its surrounding areas. Even as people were still being rescued and the rains were coming down, relief efforts and donations were pouring in from all across the globe. As relief efforts started to materialize, ...
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Disaster Rescue Solutions

If Hurricane Harvey taught us one thing, it would be that the citizens of this world have no plan or system in place to respond to a major disaster on a non governmental level. If the government sanctioned first responders can't help for any reason, who else is can you call on? Sure there are tons of disaster rescue and recovery organizations alrea...
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Jon Cole interviews with Todd DeVoe of EM Weekly

The Rise of Private Disaster Relief Organizations In The World - Credit EM Weekly Todd DeVoe: Hi and welcome to EM weekly in this your host, Todd DeVoe speaking, and today we're talking with Jon Cole from the Texas Disaster Incorporated, and we're going to be focusing on the private emergency response organizations. I've been doing a little bit of ...
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About Us

August 25th, 2017 forever changed the lives of so many. As Hurricane Harvey battered Texas, individuals from around the globe were making sacrifices and decisions that would eventually change history. Kind hearted souls from all walks of life came together to offer aid for the victims of the worst flood in Texas' history. Our friends and neighbors ...
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