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About Us


August 25th, 2017 forever changed the lives of so many. As Hurricane Harvey battered Texas, individuals from around the globe were making sacrifices and decisions that would eventually change history. Kind hearted souls from all walks of life came together to offer aid for the victims of the worst flood in Texas' history.

Our friends and neighbors who unified to help one another during Harvey did an amazing job in utilizing the tools available to them for saving people's lives. However, there was and is a great need for improvement in the way major rescue and relief operations are dealt with. The issues Harvey response volunteers encountered ranged from privacy concerns to coordination mishaps to down-right theft, to unnecessary casualties and all things in between.

As key members of one of the most prominent, impromptu rescue groups created for the Houston area during Harvey, the founders of this organization are no stranger to the life altering capabilities that coming together during a crisis can possess.

The events leading up to the formation of this consortium were riddled with tragedy, love and realizations. The volunteer's responsible for creating this think tank were all heavily involved with multiple facets of rescue and relief during those trying times and continue to be till this day.

Using a mindful attitude towards the potential pitfalls involved with responding to major crisis situations, along with the experiences of Harvey combined with a team of highly qualified founders, the community at Texas Disasters knows firsthand that having the right training, proper coordination, and preparation is essential to reducing unnecessary casualties and expediting a rapid recovery from a disaster

From an immersive community of trained, credentialed, verified and vetted volunteers with the proper framework and tools at the ready, to the neighbor next door in our network, our platform and a growing community allows for quick and confidential dissemination of information to the proper channels which permits a safer and easier response to major disasters. Texas Disasters.org, it's members and partners are committed to utilizing available technologies combined with traditional emergency protocols to ease if not eliminate all known potential problems a rescue and relief volunteer may encounter in times of emergency.

Some of the life saving features available for use to disaster victims include: The ability to upload vital information which allows our network of volunteers to expedite disaster rescue proficiently by using the organizational and management functionalities built into the platform.

With an online community that nurtures the continued development and training of volunteer disaster response volunteers and a platform that brings it all together in a way never done before, Texas Disasters will be on the front lines of disaster rescue, emergency preparedness, post-disaster supply distribution and communications, animal lost/ found/ rescue as well as the many future endeavors of what will become the largest community driven, non-governmental emergency management system and volunteer network the world has ever seen.

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